To ALL my fellows and friends – I think of you and cherish you today as we celebrate the equality of humanity and the strength of diversity. I hope our love will not only illuminate the past with forgiveness but light the way to creating a truly equal America for tomorrow. Some of us are still not treated or considered equal in the laws of our nation. My heart is filled with hope that we will continue to strive to create a More Perfect Union and remedy the inequalities that still cast a shadow over our incredible accomplishments. United we stand. Divided we fall. Just know that I stand with you regardless of any of your defining characteristics. Only one matters to me; that we are Americans. #MLKday

I just finished the compilation of my Eclipse Phase Landscape GM Screen!  Using the GM Screen Hack Pack and Sunward Hack Pack from Posthuman Studios, LLC.  A huge thanks to the peoples over at Posthuman, these Hack Packs are a blast and the use of the Creative Commons license is fantastic.  A top notch publisher with superb ideas on getting their stuff out there.  You can find the screen in the Eclipse Phase section in Downloads.

Also, you can head over to Hammerdog Games and nab a nifty landscape GM Screen with clear pockets to hold your favorite GM screen inserts!  I just ordered one, with fast shipping and superb quality, I highly recommend this GM Screen!

I have jumped full speed ahead into the universe of Eclipse Phase, an incredible roleplaying game of transhuman conspiracy and horror from Posthuman studios.  I highly recommend this game.  The possibilities are incredible and tickles every “theme-bone” I have in my darkly inspired imagination.  Superb barely does it justice.  Check out the web site, the game, and all the awesome stuff released under the Creative Commons license.  You can also check out my first offering, a character sheet, right here in the downloads section!  😀


I have re-entered the Savage Worlds Fast Furious Fun fandom with a new entry in the free game aid category!

A Character Placard, Quick Reference, and Condition Tracker all in one Table Mat for game play.  Fill out the form fields in the PDF, print, assemble, and Wa La!

You can nab this FREE game aid right here in our Downloads section (under Savage Worlds).